Les Boisseliers had carved the cedars of the Salomonís temple. They had offered their craftsmanship to the pharaohs of Egypt. They had mastered precious wood and worked it as a jewel, and they carried the fitness of their craft to every part of the world. Today the Boisseliers du Rif are perpetuating this Lebanese art born three thousand years ago. Their art knows no frontier and there is no limit to the extent of its perfection. Established in 1913 the Boisseliers du Rif represents one of the most important Lebanese woodcraft enterprises, which made artistic woodwork a way of life. Each year some fifty creative artists produce jewels of precious wood ranging from small jewelry boxes to cigar boxes to a wide range of contemporary furniture. We are dedicated to meeting the increasing needs of our customers whilst giving them full satisfaction. A decade of improved technology and superior design have resulted in creating for Boisseliers du Rif a label which is of great quality finesse and good taste.