Boisseliers du Rif is a family business founded in 1913 by Mr. Hanna Rif a local carpenter. His son, Mr. Joseph Rif took over in 1967, and in 1976 made use of the cigar phenomenon that was booming at the time, and came up with the idea of creating his famous humidor cigar cases.

What made Boisseliers du Rif re-known at the time is the humidor, which maintains a level of humidity in cigars of between 65 and 75 percent. The first cigar box was sold in 1976 to Davidoff, Geneva's world-renowned cigar store. Mr. Rif then opened markets in Japan and expanded to Europe and the Gulf. He then stretched out his business with the same care and quality control and produced a furniture line that had a peculiar style, merging the classic and the modern at the same time. He also succeeded in creating antique style pieces of an outstanding quality, and finally added the wood floor line to his business. Today Mr. Joseph Rif devotes 60 percent of his time to training the young generations of carpenters and quotes “Craftsmen are either too old, or have left the country, so we should have a role in training the youth in the absence of professional schools”.