Our company specializes in all types of woodworks including wooden floors, floorboards, wooden false ceilings, joinery works, carpentry works, wooden gift items of which the famous cigar box, and all types of furniture design and manufacturing. Boisseliers du Rif uses only the best types of veneers and paints (over 70 types) imported from all over the world, in order to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Our consequent worldwide reputation for excellence has allowed us to export substantial quantities of our works to the Middle East, Europe, and Japan. In order to cater to all those different markets however and their respective varieties in climactic conditions and particular tastes we need to concentrate on a multitude of different skills, of which polishing techniques, special lacquer finishes, hand dovetailing, inlay work, the different techniques of turning and carving, artistic hand-decoration, and intricate marquetry installations. Continuous training of our younger generations of craftsmen, rigorous quality control, and attention to detail, combined with the wealth of experience of our senior craftsmen, enable us to claim that we produce the very finest of furniture.