Boisseliers du Rif was chosen to design and execute the late Pope Jean Paul 2’s chair upon his historical visit to Lebanon in 1997. Boisseliers du Rif was also appointed as ambassador of Lebanese carpentry to the world through the furnishing of the chamber of ministers “The Grand Serail”, and the presidential palace in Baabda. Yet the company's second-generation boss prides himself less on pomp and prestige than he does on the excellence of his workers. It is interesting to trace the origins of the word Les Boisseliers which is derived from a French word which has fallen out of use. It applied to people who used to work with wood with minute precision and impeccable quality.

Joseph Rif is a man of few words, perhaps because his work does the talking for him. From classical styles to ultra modern designs, Boisseliers du Rif caters to all tastes and preferences and we are proud to claim that we are one of Lebanon's finest carpentry workshops.